Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Thyroid Connect


Enhance all aspects of thyroid health with our expertly curated formula, promoting healthy metabolism and weight, hormone balance and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Optimises thyroid function for fertility, hormone balance and a healthy menstrual cycle, providing essential female support all the way through to the menopause.

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What goes in

20 key nutrients including…

  • Iodine for thyroid hormone health and hormone
  • Selenium for immune support
  • Holy Basil is traditionally used in thyroid health
  • Olive leaf is traditionally used in thyroid health
  • Low levels of iron for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin B5 supports during stressful times
  • Magnesium for a healthy nervous system
  • Zinc for immune support

Questions about this product:

  • Can I take this whilst taking medication for Hypothyroidism?

    Yes, however we recommend taking this at least two hours before or after you have taken your medication. Please contact our Nutritional Team if you suffer from Hasimoto’s Thyroiditis before taking this supplement.

  • Can I take this if I have Hyperthyroidism?

    We do not recommend this formula if you are Hyperthyroid (your thyroid is working too fast). Please contact our Nutritional Team for advice on which of our formulas would be most suitable for you.

  • Can I take this if I have low thyroid function but I don’t take medication for it?

    Yes, this is a great formula for optimising thyroid function when not taking medication.

  • Is this helpful for female hormone issues?

    Yes, the thyroid is implicated in the female hormone and menstrual cycles, as well as puberty, gynaecological health, fertility, new motherhood and in the perimenopause and menopause, so optimising its function is vital for female hormone issues.

  • Is this helpful for weight loss?

    Yes, your thyroid regulates your metabolism and appetite,so a healthy thyroid is vital for weight loss.

  • Can I take this whilst trying to conceive?

    Yes, this is a hugely supportive formula to take during fertility.

  • Can I take this whilst pregnant?

    This formula is not suitable to take during pregnancy, however our Food-Grown Pregnancy complex supports your thyroid, promoting healthy pregnancy and supporting your baby’s development and growth.

  • Can I take this whilst breast-feeding?

    Yes, this is a great formula for supporting your thyroid health whilst breast-feeding.


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