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August 14, 2023

Clinician-validated results, faster – the UK’s only complete home male fertility test – Mojo

Clinician -validated at Home Sperm Test

Lab-based sperm tests are generally considered the most reliable way to assess male fertility. They
examine various factors related to sperm health – all of which play essential roles in successful
conception and fertility treatments.

However, many individuals with sperm find the process of in-clinic testing to be an uncomfortable
hassle. The clinical environment and the pressure to perform on demand tend to make things feel
just a little stressful, and long wait times for referrals and test results can feel particularly anxiety-
inducing, especially for those on a fertility journey.

Mojo (Home male fertility test) is the UK’s first virtual male fertility clinic offering the only complete, lab-based male
fertility test you can take from the comfort of your home.

With a standard at-home test option designed for proactive health checks and an advanced at-home
test option meant for those on a fertility journey, Mojo gives you the option to get insights into your
fertility profile – whilst matching clinic levels of accuracy and reliability. Read on to find out how.

The gold standard for testing male fertility

Sometimes alternatively referred to as a semen analysis, lab-based sperm tests commonly done in
fertility clinics evaluate sperm viability by examining several key factors concerning sperm health.

  • Sperm count – Sperm count refers to the total number of sperm found in a given sample of semen, the fluid responsible for carrying sperm from the penis. Increased sperm quantities enhance the likelihood of natural conception and boost the effectiveness of fertility treatments.
  • Sperm concentration – Sperm concentration measures how densely packed the sperm are in each millilitre of semen. This is a key measure of male fertility as higher concentrations increase the chances of successful conception.
  • Semen volume – Semen volume refers to the total amount of fluid, including sperm, produced during ejaculation. Although low semen volume alone may not cause infertility, it can sometimes indicate other reproductive issues.
  • Sperm motility – Motility denotes the sperm’s ability to move or “swim,” which is crucial for their journey through the female reproductive system. Sperm that is seen to move forward in straight lines or large circles, rather than in small tight circles or erratic paths, is the best kind of indicator when it comes to fertility.
  • Sperm morphology – Morphology pertains to the shape and size of the sperm. The shape is important because it heavily influences a sperm’s capacity to reach and penetrate an egg. Abnormalities in morphology can sometimes indicate genetic issues.

Some at-home male fertility tests are making attempts to close the gap in testing standards, but most
still only measure sperm count alone – giving you a very limited and often unreliable picture of
your fertility profile.

Mojo’s complete at-home male fertility test is just as comprehensive as in-clinic testing. You’ll
get a full report which covers an in-depth analysis of 22 biomarkers (including each of the above
parameters) established by the World Health Organization. These parameters are all important
indicators of sperm health and can provide valuable insights into your fertility profile, as well as
being a brilliant starting point for further investigation.

What happens at an in-clinic sperm test?

Visiting a fertility clinic or a doctor’s office for a sperm test is an experience that can often feel
unnecessarily stressful and uncomfortable. Usually, you’ll be faced with a wait time for your
appointment, or for your referral to go through. On the day, there’s a collection room within the
clinic, typically equipped with a chair or couch. You’ll provide a sample through masturbation, and
subsequently, you’ll take the cup over to the laboratory for further processing. You might find
yourself feeling the pressure, and it can all feel a bit, well, clinical.

In contrast, Mojo (Home male fertility test) has streamlined the process of male fertility testing. They make it really easy
to order your sperm test kit and book your lab analysis slot online, and after packing it and posting
it, you’ll receive your results within 48 hours.

“Great service, instructions were easy to follow and you receive your results very quickly. It gives
you peace of mind for a small cost. It’s more discrete and convenient than having to go to a
clinic. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a test.”
– Oliver L., Liskeard

Shipping your sample is secure, and the Mojo sperm test kit maintains optimal transport conditions
through a preservation solution, gel pack, and its temperature and humidity-controlled container.

Lab-based results and more, at home

Mojo’s at-home sperm test doesn’t just provide analysis that matches clinics in its completeness – it
provides it faster, and in a more comfortable and digestible way. Here’s how.

1. No wait time and faster results

You’ll be able to conveniently access testing, promptly. There’s no need for a referral, and wait
times for receiving the results in their secure portal are significantly reduced to just 48 hours after
you post your sample. In contrast, in-clinic tests may involve scheduling appointments, waiting 2-3
months for availability, and longer processing times, leading to delays in getting crucial information
about your sperm health.

2. Your comfort first

You’ll be able to produce your sample from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.
Whereas tests done in a clinic can feel uncomfortable and pressurized, and you’ll probably have to
take time out of your day to attend, Mojo puts you and your comfort first with its more discrete and
user-friendly approach.

3. Clinical-grade accuracy you can trust

Get results with 97% clinical-grade analysis accuracy, comparable to the results obtained through
traditional laboratory tests in-clinic. This ensures that you’ll receive genuinely reliable and
trustworthy data on your sperm health, as well as a comprehensive understanding of your current
fertility status.

Whether you’re trying to conceive or thinking of trying soon, Mojo is on hand to help you learn
about your sperm health and increase your chances of conception. Click here to order the Mojo at-
home sperm test, for WHO-compliant results in just 48 hours.

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