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Reasons Why You May Not Be Ovulating

Ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovary. It must occur for pregnancy to be achievednaturally. Anovulation means a lack of ovulation or absent ovulation. When ovulation is irregular—but not completely absent—it is called oligo-ovulation. Both anovulation and...

Are You Sure You’re Ovulating?

Are You Actually Ovulating? If you are trying to conceive naturally, one of the most important things you need to check is that youare actually ovulating. A regular cycle/monthly bleed is not proof that you are actually ovulating.It is possible for your body to bleed...

Why Omega-3 Is So Essential

Research shows us that omega-3 helps to protect us from conditions such as asthma or heart disease… Good oils keep our skin, eyes, joints, muscle and other tissues lubricated. Omega-3 oils
also support female menstrual health by assisting with the production of the right type of
prostaglandins (immune compounds).

Does Age Affect Fertility?

DOES AGE AFFECT FERTILITY? The changing social scenario together with economic growth and an increase in job opportunitieshas to a great extent reduced gender inequality and has resulted in more and more older womentrying to conceive naturally and seeking help from...

Choosing A Prenatal Vitamin

` Choosing A Prenatal Vitamin If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, about preparing your body for a healthypregnancy and nourishing your growing baby are probably on your mind, along with eating as wellas you can to optimize your fertility and pregnancy health,...

Are Fertility Apps Reliable when trying to Conceive?

Fertility apps are becoming increasingly popular. In years gone by, women would rely on the calendar on the wall to work out when their nextmenstrual cycle might occur. They would look to physical signs to tell them when they might beovulating, and therefore when...

Whats the difference between Natural Folate & Synthetic Folic Acid

What are Folates Very simply, folates (plural) are found naturally in foods such as dark green vegetables, oranges, seafood, beans and legumes (e.g chickpeas and lentils) and dairy products. Within those foods, there would be varying sub-category forms of natural...

Fertile CM for Women to support cervical mucus and endometrial lining

Description FertileCM Increases the Bodily Fluid That Is So Important for Conception We don’t talk enough about the importance of cervical fluid with respect to its role in supporting conception. Without sufficient fertile quality cervical fluid (the kind of fluid...

Vitamin D & Fertility

Vitamin D is actually a hormone, one of its main role is to balance the levels of calcium and phosphorus  in our blood. Other functions include: Regulating blood sugar and insulin sensitivityImmune healthGene expressionMental healthCell growth and...

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