Tempdrop Monitor – With A New And Improved Fabric Armband Extra 10% Off

  • £199 £239

    Armband size

  • Tempdrop BBT sensor
  • Free syncing app with basic charting features (iOS & Android)
  • 2 months free premium charting app features
  • Fabric Armband + Extender
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • EXTRA 10% Off  when you use this code



Ovulation tracking:
Four Easy Steps

  1. Step 1 Wear before sleep

    Before you go to sleep, press the drop-shaped button to turn on your Tempdrop sensor. Place the band on your upper arm and leave it on throughout the night.

    Wear before sleep
  2. Step 2 Sync whenever

    Remove once you are up for the day and sync with the Tempdrop app whenever convenient.

    Sync whenever
  3. Step 3 Add your symptoms

    Track your symptoms to verify ovulation and learn about your cycle phases.

    Add your symptoms
  4. Step 4 Get results

    View the chart and interpret your results. Upgrade to premium for automatic interpretation.

    Get results

Know your body:
Fertility & ovulation tracking

  • Track Your Temperature

    After ovulation, your body temperature rises and remains in a higher range until your next cycle starts. Tracking your sleeping temperature allows you to identify ovulation at home.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Each Tempdrop contains multiple sensors that measure your core temperature continuously throughout the night.

  • Personal BBT Patterns

    Tempdrop’s patented algorithm learns your unique nightly and monthly temperature patterns, filtering out disturbances for accurate results.

  • Identify Fertility Window

    Combining temperature readings with other fertility symptoms helps you more accurately identify your fertility window.

  • How it works
  • Are you sure your ovulating




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