Food-Grown Iron Plus


Our natural, high-quality Iron Plus formula provides a suite of nutrients to help combat tiredness, immunity and replenish iron levels for women.

5 key nutrients including…

  • Vitamin C to support the absorption of iron
  • Vitamin B2 to help the body process Iron
  • Iron for healthy haemoglobin (blood oxygen) and energy
  • Molybdenum to support ferritin (stored Iron)

Bioflavonoids to support Vitamin C absorption

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Key benefits

  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue

    Promotes the maintenance of normal red blood cells to promote healthy energy and combat tiredness and fatigue.

  • Replenishes Iron levels for women

    Women often require extra iron to replenish their levels after menstruation, as well as during pre-conception and pregnancy, after childbirth and for a healthy thyroid.

  • Supports immunity

    Supports the immune system’s response to infection and provides blood oxygen to promote healing.

  • Optimises brain function

    Supports the production of healthy brain chemicals required for optimum mood and mental performance.

    Iron 10mg


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