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The most comprehensive semen microbiome health test screening all bacteria in your semen. ScreenMe’s advanced semen microbiome health test looks at your seminal ecosystem, which significantly impacts sperm quality. The poor seminal microbiome can also endanger the microbiome of the vagina and cause infections and complications during pregnancy. This is also important to avoid reinfections between partners who have suffered from chronic infections.

Before Purchasing this test please book a free 15 minute consultation to make sure this is the right test for you, unless you are an existing patient of Ecotherapies Fertility Support


Ideal if you:

  • want an indepth look into your reproductive microbiome health
  • if you or your partner suffer from symptoms like a burning sensation, pain following sex, pain on urination, unpleasant smell,  redness or abnormal discharge
  • if your partner sufferes from recurrent vaginal infections
  • have poor sperm morphology or motility
  • have experienced infertility
  • have had STD’s
  • are undergoing IVF

Why you should test your seminal microbiome

✔ Support fertility
✔ Reduce risk of infection to partner
✔ Protect against infections
✔ Encourage a healthy immune system

What the seminal microbiome health test includes:

  • Seminal microbiome sample collection kit
  • Comprehensive report of semen health from your ScreenMe PhD scientist
  • Recommended supplements
  • You will need to provide a sterile sample cup (this can be purchased from a pharmacy or requested from your GP)

What you learn:

Our test will help assess the entire bacterial and yeast community living in your reproductive tract and what health affects they have. You will learn about:

  • Full list of 100% of bacteria present in your semen
  • Your seminal microbiome diversity
  • Your seminal bacterial composition including good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria
  • How your seminal microbiome is impacting your health and fertility
  • How you can enhance you seminal microbiome and fertility

What you learn:

Unlike other tests that are limited to screening certain bacteria and yeast the ScreenMe advanced test screens ALL bacteria and ALL yeast present in your seminal microbiome. .

Once measured, it is easier to manage:

At ScreenMe we believe that humans are better than computer artificial intelligence:

Your results will be assessed personally by a range of health professionals such as:

  • Accredited medical doctors
  • Nutritionist
  • Scientist

How it works:

1)     Take your test:

Collect your seminal microbiome sample at home.(you will need to purchase a sterile urine cup from your local pharmacy for this)

2)     Post your sample:

Post your sample back on the same day you take the test to our laboratory using the pre-paid envelope provided (prepaid envelopes only included in the UK)

3)    Receive your results:

Your results and report will be ready in 4-6 weeks and sent through email and you will receive your tailored food, recipes and recommended supplements on the ScreenMe dashoard.

Need more support? You also have access to a free 20 minute consultation to go over your results and answer any questions you may have.

Waiting time:

Results ready in 4-6 weeks.


Special Instructions:

Results ready in 4-6 weeks.

Laboratories and products, you can trust:

Our partner labs are trusted by the NHS and private clinics, so you can expect the highest standards from our accredited laboratories.

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