Inofolic® AlphaPlus

The PCOS supplement for women to improve hormonal balance and metabolic function:

  • Designed for PCOS women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25
  • Unique patented formulation, myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol in an ideal 40:1 ratio
  • Optimises your fertility and supports ovulation
  • Helps to manage PCOS symptoms

Product guidance:

  • 1 capsule, twice a day
  • 60 capsules per box (1 month supply)
  • Buy more, save more

To give your body the best chance, take Inofolic® AlphaPlus for at least 3 months.


  • Recommended for 3 months minimum
  • Free UK mainland delivery
  • Buy 3 + save 10% (Discount applied at checkout)

Buy 6 + save 15% (Discount applied at checkout)



What’s included in Inofolic® AlphaPlus?

Inofolic® AlphaPlus, is well-researched with its ingredients originating from natural sources with little or no side effects.


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