Inofolic® Alpha -60 Sachets

Inofolic® Alpha

A unique formulation specifically designed to support women with PCOS

From £27 – £34 per month

The PCOS supplement for women, for life

✔ Supports your ovulation with micronutrients and a unique formulation

✔ Optimises your fertility – due to a unique formulation

✔ Helps with your PCOS symptoms

Daily dose: 1 sachet, twice a day sachets per day

To give your body the best chance, take Inofolic Alpha for at least 3 months.  Let’s get started. PURCHASE HERE


Inofolic Alpha contains myo-inositol, alpha-lactalbumin (whey milk protein) and folic acid

PCOS causes various effects:

  1. Insulin resistance, which affects 65-80% of PCOS women. This is the primary cause of increased male hormones, which negatively impact fertility.
  2. Microbes in the gut. Women with PCOS have a different balance of gut bacteria that can reduce the absorption of nutrients, including myo-inositol.
  3. Chronic inflammation, which is a key contributor to the development of PCOS. If you have high inflammation markers it is likely that you will have higher testosterone levels.

Myo-inositol (Myo) is involved in the normal metabolism of insulin. Alpha-lactalbumin (α –Lac) helps increase the absorption of myo-inositol.


Alpha-lactalbumin – the added extra that makes the difference.

Alpha-lactalbumin is a protein that can improve the essential absorption of myo-inositol – an issue for 35 – 40% of women with PCOS in clinical trials. Alpha-lactalbumin also helps rebalance the microbes in the gut.

A combination of alpha-lactalbumin and myo-inositol is 52% more efficient than myo-inositol alone.

  • Supports menstrual health
  • Improve how your body absorbs myo-inositol
  • Help balance your hormones


inofolic Alpha


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