Fertile CM for Women to support cervical mucus and endometrial lining


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June 3, 2021



FertileCM Increases the Bodily Fluid That Is So Important for Conception

We don’t talk enough about the importance of cervical fluid with respect to its role in supporting conception. Without sufficient fertile quality cervical fluid (the kind of fluid that resembles egg whites) during your fertile window, conception can be considerably more difficult. That’s because sperm rely on healthy cervical fluid to create a protective environment to ensure a safe journey to meet the egg for fertilization. FertileCM supports production of fertile quality cervical fluid with L-arginine and antioxidants

Fertility Issue #1 – Abundant Fertile Cervical Mucus is a MUST, Not an Option, for TTC

Think of your cervical mucus as the “body of water” that sperm will cross to make it to the egg. If there isn’t enough or it’s too thick, the sperm will get “beached” and never make it. Fertile cervical mucus during ovulation is central to getting pregnant, not only by providing the transport medium to get sperm to egg, but by helping nourish and protect sperm while on their journey. Our bodies are designed to increase cervical fluids plus change the mucus texture during ovulation. The ideal fertile cervical mucus is pliable, “stretchable”, and slippery (resembling raw egg whites). A number of factors can inhibit our bodies from making fertile cervical mucus – hormonal imbalance, medication side effects (including Clomid), douching (just don’t), and age to name a few. The ingredients in FertileCM promote the production of healthy, fertile-quality cervical secretions by hydrating and thinning the cervical mucus and ensuring a proper pH balance for a vaginal environment conducive to conception.

Fertility Issue #2 – Uterine Lining Not Thick Enough

Implantation is when the embryo attaches to the uterine lining, also called the endometrium. It will take place about 7-10 days after ovulation and signals the first moment of pregnancy. Successful implantation requires a healthy endometrial lining which is generally considered to be 8mm or thicker. The uterus requires a strong supply of blood in order to grow a thick uterine lining. Improving blood flow throughout your body will improve the blood flow to your uterus and will encourage the growth of your endometrial lining. Endometrial secretions not only help your uterus thicken and strengthen, but they are an important source of nutrients for the fetus during the first trimester. L-Arginine, a key ingredient in FertileCM, has been shown to increase endometrial secretions and help strengthen the uterine lining for implantation of a fertilized egg and healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Issue #3 – Low Sexual Libido and Arousal

Let’s just say it – TTC can put a strain on the the fun of having sex. Between the stress and the lack of spontaneity, sex can start to feel like a chore which can seriously inhibit arousal. Nitric Oxide isn’t called the miracle molecule for nothing – the research behind it won a Nobel Prize and gave the world the little blue pill. Studies show that L-Arginine, a precursor for nitric oxide production and a key ingredient in FertileCM, increases vascular dilation, blood flow, and muscular relaxation around the vagina, thereby enhancing libido and improving sensation to sexual stimulation.

L-Arginine, Nitric Oxide, Increased Cervical Mucus

L-Arginine Produces Nitric Oxide, the Miracle Molecule of Fertility

It’s common knowledge that Nitric Oxide (NO) widens blood vessels and increases circulation. A more recent discovery is that NO also has a positive impact on cervical mucus. Since conception cannot occur without the presence of fertile cervical mucus, vaginal dryness, especially around ovulation, can result in fertility issues. FertileCM offers:

  • L-Arginine – this amino acid provides a building-block for NO production, may safely increase cervical mucus, thicken the uterine wall for successful implantation, increase endometrial secretions critical to deliver nutrients to the fetus during the first trimester, and enhance female sexual arousal. FertileCM contains 750 mg of L-Arginine.
  • Antioxidants including NAC, vitamin C, and Grapeseed Extract – these help with the liquidity of the mucus and additionally can protect sperm from cellular damage due to oxidizing free radicals.
  • Lactobacilli and Calcium – support a healthy pH in the vagina which is necessary for sperm to survive.

A Healthy Uterine Lining Helps With Pregnancy Too

NItric Oxide continues its beneficial work of not only increasing cervical mucus, but also playing an important role in thickening the uterine lining. We all know the basics of the menstrual cycle – the uterine must thicken as ovulation approaches so that the fertilized egg can implant and continue to develop. If conception doesn’t happen, the thickened uterine lining is shed as menstrual flow. FertileCM supports the production of endometrial secretions which in turn:

  • Improve the chances of successful implantation – a too-thin uterine lining can lead to failed implantation or early pregnancy loss.
  • Provide valuable nutrients to baby in first trimester – blood circulation via the placenta is not fully established until 10-12 weeks of pregnancy so the nutrients in the endometrial secretions are critical to the development of the fetus.
Nitric Oxide Better Blood Flow
FertileCM - Break the Cycle

Improve Your Sexual Libido and Make Your BabyDancing a Little Easier. The odds of conception are improved through daily lovemaking during a woman’s fertile time, but it’s critical that fertile cervical mucus is present each time. Low sex drive and lack of cervical fluid can delay pregnancy.

FertileCM - 2010 Study

L-Arginine Is Well Studied and Offers Proven Results. In the Takasaki et al 2010 study, 67% of patients who took 6 grams of L-arginine developed endometrium more than 8mm.

FertileCM Checklist

Effective Doses. Doctor Recommended. FertileCM includes key ingredients that work synergistically in the right amounts for fertile cervical mucus and endometrium health. FertileCM is frequently recommended by ObGyns and fertility specialists.

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For Even More Coverage, Apply BabyDance, a Supplemental Intimate Lubricant That is Safe for Sperm. While FertileCM can improve your body’s production of fertile cervical mucus, augmenting with BabyDance Fertility Lubricant can increase your chances.

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