Inositol and Folate Supplement By Zita West

Myo-inositol is found in virtually every tissue in our body and is involved in several processes. It plays a significant role in various processes associated with reproduction including gametes development, ooctye maturation, reproduction and foetal development.

Inositol and Folate can be taken by women with PCOS, irregular cycles and/or those who are trying to support their egg equality. Myo-inositol is rich in the follicular fluid that surrounds the egg and supplementing it can help to mature eggs.

Folate is the naturally occuring form of Vitamin B9 and is more readily absorbed by the body when compared to its synthetic counterpart, Folic Acid.

Pure Strength Omega 3

Omega 3 is essential to support your mood, hormones and promote healing after the birth by strengthening your immune system. Maternal intake of omega is critical for the development of your baby’s eyes, brain and cognitive function. Freshness and purity are the hallmarks of our sustainably sourced, MSC-certified formula.

Food-Grown Vitamin D

Vitamin D is officially recommended in conception and pregnancy. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system, which in turn is required for ovulation and optimal fertility. Vitamin D is also critical for healthy bones and teeth development in a future baby.

Wild Nutrition-Food-State Magnesium (60 Capsules)

Wild Nutrition’s Food-State Magnesium is in a highly bioavailable form meaning that mega-dosing becomes unnecessary.

Magnesium lowers blood sugar. Magnesium is so effective at sensitizing the insulin receptor that It often referred to it as our ‘natural metformin’. Better insulin control means fewer sugar cravings. Healthy insulin sensitivity is important for weight loss, PCOS, fertility


Wild Nutrution

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