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Elaine Otrofanowei is a Fertility and Women's Health Acupuncturist with a strong and personal interest in peri/menopause. Through; she provides Acupuncture and Functional Medicine to patients to help them restore their health and wellbeing and specialise in the treatment of both male and female infertility and other women’s health issues.

April 14, 2022

Here at The Fertility Shop we are passionate about supporting your journey to parenthood – together we can contribute to improving the health of a whole generation, and generations to follow! This why we have partnered with ScreenMe to bring you easy to use at home testing kits for Fertility hormones, nutrition, microbiome and vaginal health testing. Research has shown the impacts of todays lifestyle and diet on individuals reproductive health and the consequence of that on their fertility and on the health of the future generation. Unfortunately the healthcare system is so focused on diagnosing and treating illness that very little is done to prevent conditions or address the indirect causes of symptoms and conditions. When advice is given, it rarely goes beyond the standard things that we all know. Eat more fruit and veg, less fat and sugar. Lose weight, take up exercise and don’t smoke.

What people needed is good quality information

What people needed is good quality information, specific to them and easy to both understand and put into practice. They needed to know exactly what changes to make, to have a way to track their progress, and to have access to that information before it’s too late or before decisions are made for other invasive procedures!

General advice for diet in fertility can only go so far. After all, not everyone has the same cycle and problems.

By getting to know your unique cycle, your micronutrient levels, your hormones and your microbiome we can make suggestions that are tailored exactly to you. You can then cook the meals you love, using ingredients that will give you the best possible chance of natural conception, and your baby the best start in life.

With ScreenMe, taking control of your fertility and tackling preventable disease is easy. And you’ll even get consultations with your very own health expert! There’s no need to go to a clinic, we send everything you need right to your door. Simply send back your samples and we will send your results, along with fully personalized advice.

Choose your ScreenMe plan

There are several ScreenMe plans to choose from. Each plan includes a medical doctor’s report, one-to-one consultation(s), nutritionist report, tailored food and recipes, recommended supplements and much more.

Get Started

Receive your pack

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you will receive your ScreenMe pack, which will have everything you need to collect your samples at home. It’s very quick and easy to do, and you won’t have to go to a clinic.

Browse Your Packages

Collect your samples

In your pack, you’ll find full instructions on how to collect your samples. Once you’ve done this, simply send them to our accredited labs with prepaid postage. We will analyse your samples and send your results to your ScreenMe dashboard, with a report to explain what they all mean. Your results will give you specific recommendations for the foods you can eat to improve your health markers and your microbiome. All this information will be on your personal ScreenMe dashboard, so you can look it up while you food shop.

Have your personal video consultation

In your consultation one of our experts will talk through your results, answer your questions and walk you through your tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan to boost your fertility. Your specialist can also help you identify if you are ovulating, when you are ovulating and when your most fertile days are.

Implement your personal plan

After your consultation you’ll be ready to go! You can access all the food recommendations and recipes on your dashboard. This is where you will also find your Healthy Eating Plate, with guides on all the foods you can to eat for optimum health, plus information on health benefits, micronutrients and possible risks for each food item.

Receive progress reports

The great thing about ScreenMe is that you can keep up to date on your progress using your personal dashboard. It will hold all your test results, so you can be sure that the changes you’re making are actually working.


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